Strategy and governance of Petit Forestier Group

Our ambition is to become the world leader in sustainable refrigeration rental. Now No. 1 in Europe, we are pursuing a strategy of international expansion and sustainable development.

The three pillars of our strategy

Customer satisfaction

Our business requires a high quality of service and experience based on cold chain expertise and our product range: vehicles, display units and containers. Customer proximity and satisfaction are essential to the long-term future of our group.

International expansion

The international development of our Group began in the 1990s. Today, our aim is to become the world leader in sustainable refrigeration rental, with sales of 2.5 billion by 2030. This ambition is reflected in the acquisition of international entities, to accelerate our business and market coverage.

Our carbon trajectory

The climate emergency is a major issue. Thanks to our value chain, we are taking action on three levels. Our vehicles, display fridges and containers feature innovative designs in terms of volume, payload, fuel consumption and ergonomics. We are moving towards alternative fuel vehicles and focusing on the second life of our products.

Three programmes essential to the Group's strategy

Cool Lab

Our innovation programme supports our Group's sustainable growth strategy.

Cool for Good

The environmental transition of our Group and that of our customers is one of our priorities.

Cool Talents

We recruit a wide range of profiles to help us grow together and learn from our experiences.

Petit Forestier Group governance

Tripartite governance

Our governance teams are responsible for the Group's strategy and development.

The Supervisory Board

Chaired by Jean-Claude Forestier, it brings together members of the shareholder family and other external shareholders. This non-executive body has supervisory powers.

The Executive Board

Consisting of the Chairman Léonard Forestier and three other members of Executive Management, it defines the Group's strategy.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the heads of the Business Units and the functional departments. It helps to define the Group's strategy and manage the Group. Its members implement the strategy in each of their entities.

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