A complete range of cold chain services

Because the refrigeration of perishable products improves people's quality of life, the Petit Forestier group helps every company to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain.

Our cold chain expertise


Petit Forestier was founded in France in 1907. As Europe's leading specialist in onboard refrigeration, Petit Forestier designs, rents and maintains refrigerated vehicles, containers and display units with integrated, personalised services.
Stricher Froid rents, maintains and guarantees the cold chain of its fleet of refrigerated vehicles for its professional customers in the Ile-de-France region.
SV Noleggio is Italy's specialist in refrigerated vehicle hire, offering a personalised short, medium and long-term service throughout the country.

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A complementary rental offer for transporting dry goods

Zefirent supports its customers by renting vehicles specially adapted to their business uses, through Petit Forestier Group's worldwide network of local branches. Zefirent gives you access to an exceptional service inspired by the operational requirements of the refrigeration industry.

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Industrial production of vehicle bodies

Lecapitaine designs, innovates and manufactures made-to-measure refrigerated bodies to guarantee high-performance, high-quality vehicles suited to our customers' changing activities.
Igloocar is Lecapitaine's counterpart in Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries, where it manufactures made-to-measure refrigerated bodies.

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Resale of vehicles and recycling of spare parts

Reways recycles, reuses and recovers refrigeration equipment at the end of its useful life. Every year, more than 4,600 vehicles, 150 containers and hundreds of spare parts are put up for sale.

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Petit Forestier Group

Our purpose

We believe in improving quality of life by ensuring effective refrigeration. Progress is driven by the refrigerated transportation of perishable and sensitive goods.

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Strategy and governance

We are committed to developing a coherent, synergistic and sustainable value chain. Our management strategy combines independence, trust, growth and sharing.

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