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Petit Forestier Group has been growing and reinventing itself for over 115 years. Our transformation is focused on reinforcing our value chain: industrial bodywork, refrigeration rental and the second life of equipment.

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Our refrigerated transport value chain

We are a French family-run business in the refrigerated transport sector. Our culture is a foundation shared with our teams and partners, which guides our long-term vision.


The design and manufacture of refrigerated bodies adapted to our customers' vehicles and businesses.


Rental of refrigerated vehicles, display units and containers, and a complementary offer in dry transport.

Second life

The resale of our assets at the end of a contract or their disassembly, to supply our markets and workshops

Refrigerated rental, from design to second life

We work with our customers to improve our products in terms of operational performance, regulations and environmental impact.

Designing effective products and services

Together with our partners and thanks to our integrated industry, we are able to meet the needs of our customers who need to transport and store refrigerated and dry goods. We design bodywork and fittings for vehicles, display fridges and containers, as well as digital services to make them more profitable and efficient.

Vehicle, display unit and container rental 

Our expertise and years of experience in refrigerated transport enable us to offer three complementary product ranges: refrigerated vehicles, display fridges and containers. Our multi-product offering for cold and dry applications is unique on the market, making us the European leader.

Ensuring the second life of products 

The sale or recycling of our products at the end of their life reflects our pragmatic and responsible approach to sustainable development. We resell our vehicles, display fridges and containers, either complete or in parts, and recycle some of our components.

Over 115 years in the refrigerated rental business

Our purpose

We help to improve quality of life by ensuring effective refrigeration. We see the safe transport of perishable goods as a driver of progress.

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Our history

Our century-old family business is constantly evolving, in refrigerated and dry transport. We've been adapting to our customers' needs since 1907.

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