Cleaner activities for sustainable

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 25% per euro of sales by 2030, across our entire scope. To achieve this objective, we are taking action within our Group and involving our customers in this transition.

Accelerating our internal energy transition

A value chain that guides our sustainable development

We are taking action to reduce our impact, across our entire value chain, from design and rental to the second life of our products. As the cornerstone of our service business, it enables us take an effective and consistent approach to environmental protection.
Sorting, recycling, renovating, and adopting more responsible practices and products are now part of our daily lives.

The energy transition in action

Our energy efficiency plan includes ten best practices to be applied in terms of heating, lighting, car sharing, etc. At the same time, our fleet of company and service vehicles is being converted to electric or hybrid systems, which are cleaner and quieter.
As a member of the Certibruit association, we fit our vehicles with noise-reducing equipment for night-time deliveries.

Some of the concrete steps we're taking to become greener

Second life and sorting of our waste

Our end-of-life assets are reused. We also collect and sort our waste for recycling.

Approved end-of-life vehicle (ELV) centre

Our integrated, approved service collects parts from damaged or end-of-life vehicles for our central warehouse.

Reduced energy consumption

We are improving the energy efficiency of our buildings and gradually equipping them with solar panels.

Accelerating our customers' energy transition

An increasingly sustainable product range

In the face of global warming and the demands of our customers, we need to offer vehicles, display fridges and containers that are more respectful of the environment. Our customer proximity, our value chain and our technical and digital expertise enable us to meet these challenges. 
More than ever, our mission is to offer reliable, long-lasting refrigeration solutions.

A proactive approach to customer support

Because we are here to serve our customers, we advise them on their energy transition and how to adopt our new products. Listening and training are key to driving this change. 
At the same time, we are taking a proactive approach to climate issues. We work with our partners in the manufacturing and refrigeration industries to analyse the needs of an increasingly sustainable cold chain.

Our customers' energy transition, in a few words

A range of vehicles powered by more sustainable energy

To reduce our carbon footprint and our customers' carbon emissions we need to replace diesel engines with alternative (electric) systems.

Closed units and natural refrigerants

Since 2022, we have been replacing our display fridges. They are now closed and use a more sustainable refrigerant, R290.

Low-energy refrigerated containers

We are also working to reduce the energy consumption of our refrigerated containers by installing solar panels and through R&D.

A range of services for the transition

Because changing vehicle is not enough, we are also developing specific services: TCO comparison, recharging, usage study, etc.

Petit Forestier Group's other CSR commitments


The development of human capital, via our stakeholders, is a priority. It incorporates inclusion, training and interaction with our local ecosystem.

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Health & Safety

The practical dimension of our business is a reality. We have an active policy on health and safety in the workplace and on site remediation.

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Ethics & Compliance

The integrity of our practices is a value that we share with our teams and partners. It complies with the laws and regulations in force.

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