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European leadership since 2017: Towards global leadership

Camion Petit Forestier

2018 was a busy year for external growth and expansion. Petit Forestier acquired Mendon Trucks Leasing and Rental to establish a presence in the United States. This was followed by the acquisition of Igloocar to strengthen its presence in Poland. Finally, it opened its first location in South Africa. 
In 2019, the Group acquired Reftrade, to enhance its offering and expertise, and San Marcial in Spain, Petit Forestier Group's 2nd largest market. 
2022 and 2023 were also busy years in terms of acquisitions, including the Italian fridge unit specialist Medfood. The next acquisition was Ice Concept in Belgium, followed by Strate Forme via Lecapitaine. Finally, Petit Forestier Group acquired SV Noleggio to strengthen its offering in Italy and Freezerent in England.
Finally, in 2024, Petit Forestier Group acquired Eurocold and entered the Australian market.
This accelerated external growth extends and strengthens Petit Forestier's international offering.

Building up expertise 2006-2017: Towards a multi-product offer


Buoyed by its national network and its growing international expansion, the Group opened subsidiaries in Switzerland and Portugal in 2006. It also acquired Pro Sytem, Europe's leading refrigerated display unit rental company, supplementing its range of vehicles and containers.
In 2007, Petit Forestier celebrated its 100th anniversary and decided to delist from the stock exchange.
The Group gained a foothold in Italy in 2009 with the acquisition of Fuel Only.
In 2010, 2016 and 2017, it opened its first locations in Morocco, the Czech Republic and Austria.

The Group's multi-product offering in refrigeration - vehicles, display units and containers - is the foundation of its expertise in onboard refrigeration.

The start of the international 1992-2006: accelerated development

In 1996 and 1997, the Group opened a subsidiary in Luxembourg and its first branch in Belgium.
It bought the Stricher company in 1998.
In 1999, Petit Forestier opened a branch in the Netherlands and was listed on the Second Marché of the Paris Stock Exchange.
In 2000, it bought Lecapitaine, the 3rd largest manufacturer of refrigerated bodies, and opened its first Petit Forestier branch in Spain. 
External growth continued with the acquisition of Relec Froid, a manufacturer of refrigeration units, in 2001. This was followed by Via Truck Rental in the UK in 2003. 
2004 saw the launch of the Zephirent semi-trailer brand. 
The Group gained a foothold in Poland in 2005 with the acquisition of Rider CFM.

This external growth and international expansion marked a turning point in the Group's development.

Our group is part of a family tradition, with the fourth generation now at the helm, developing our long-term vision.”

Jean-Claude Forestier

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

From La Villette to the whole France: building a national network

In 1975, Yves Forestier spurred the creation of a national network. The first branch opened in Bordeaux, with Jean-François Joulia.
Jean-Claude Forestier joined the company in 1975, and accelerated the expansion of the French network.
A second branch opened in Rouen in 1980.

In 1991, building on its success in refrigerated vehicle rental, the Group launched its refrigerated container business. In doing so, it expanded its offering in response to a need identified by its customers.
The Group found its market and its name: Petit Forestier became a full-service refrigeration rental company.

From livestock to onboard refrigeration: 
the beginnings of our business

In 1907, Zéphirin Forestier set up Transports Forestier Frères, specialising in the transport of live animals. 
His son, Jean Forestier, joined the company in 1931.
In 1956, Transports Forestier Frères bought the Petit company, located on the Villette market in Paris, next to the old abattoirs.
In 1965, the new group started the rental of refrigerated trucks without drivers. Today, this innovative service is still at the heart of the Petit Forestier Group's expertise and business.

The transport of livestock gradually shifted towards the transport of meat.

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