Together, let's enhance the quality of lifewith our cutting-edge cold chain expertise

The Petit Forestier Group is specialised in onboard refrigeration. Our mission is to develop it, make it more effective and sustainable for our customers.


More sustainable onboard refrigeration

From design to rental to the second life of our products, Petit Forestier Group has expertise across the entire cold chain. In this way, we support our customers with an innovative and sustainable offering.

Our innovations

Our Cool Lab programme guarantees an irreproachable onboard cold chain. It serves our business, our customers and the energy transition.

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Our commitments

Our Cool for Good programme encourages our teams to focus on CSR and the energy transition at Petit Forestier Group.

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Latest news

04 June 2024

Petit Forestier Group expands into the Scandinavian Peninsula

07 May 2024

Freezerent joins Petit Forestier Group

26 April 2024

Petit Forestier Group strengthens its long-term shareholder base with investment from Wren House


A family business with cold chain expertise

Founded in 1907, Petit Forestier Group is now Europe's leading refrigerated rental company. We innovate and evolve to maintain high levels of service, improve our carbon footprint and accelerate our international development.


Sales Revenue

In more than 115 years, we've become the European leader in on-board refrigeration, because it's essential to control the transport of sensitive and alterable products.

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established countries

sites around the world

We are reinventing our businesses to anticipate the needs of our international customers and environmental challenges.

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Petit Forestier Group, becoming leader in sustainable refrigerated rentals

Petit Forestier Group is present in 20 countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Africa and New-York

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Petit Forestier Group

Gives meaning to your career

We are a group of 5,300 talented people who see their teams and each of the women and men who make them up as a unique asset.

Let's grow together!

Development is a dynamic that is close to our hearts. As a forward-thinking family business with ambitions to become the world leader in sustainable refrigeration, we offer you real human adventures.

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Develop your skills

Training is a cornerstone of our commitment. We ensure that you are qualified and develop dedicated training courses with a high level of expertise: business lines, dedicated training courses, tutoring, etc.

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Grow internationally

International business is in our genes. We offer you the opportunity to continue your career abroad, by preparing for your mobility: support, language skills, etc.

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Discover our businesses

Our expertise is unique. We're developing our businesses against the backdrop of the energy transition, imagining the businesses of tomorrow and making them accessible, so that you can fulfil your professional potential.

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