Cold chain expertise with Cool Lab

Innovation is one of the driving forces behind Petit Forestier Group. Through our comprehensive range of onboard refrigeration products, it is a vital part of our value chain and strengthens our relationship with our customers.

A more efficient, sustainable, connected and evolving cold chain

Petit Forestier Group's innovative approach is at the service of our customers and the environment. We're preparing the future of onboard refrigeration.

The cold chain 

Cold chain expertise is the cornerstone of our business. We are the European leader in this field because we innovate to offer the best products on the market: vehicles, fridge units and refrigerated containers. Our tailor-made offer meets our customers' needs, from design to rental, right through to our products’ second life.

The energy transition

Designing more sustainable onboard refrigeration and supporting our customers as they make the energy transition are among our commitments. Our in-house R&D team is developing greener refrigeration solutions. Through strong partnerships with manufacturers, we will accelerate the electrification of fleets.

Digital services

Service has always been part of our culture. Creating digital services allows us to go much further. They enable our customers to secure their business, accelerate their energy transition and boost their productivity.


Refrigeration is our business, and our innovation approach anticipates future developments. We support the changes that are taking place, analysing our customers' uses and making recommendations. We are also looking at new business models to strengthen our refrigeration offering.

We are constantly innovating to prepare for the future of the cold chain. With our expertise, we are committed to customer satisfaction and the energy transition.

Jérôme Payonne

Head of Marketing & Innovation

Petit Forestier Group continues to innovate for irreproachable refrigeration

Nos partenariats

Nous travaillons avec des partenaires constructeurs et softwares pour une offre plus performante, connectée et durable.

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Nos Marques

Parce que la préservation par le froid des produits altérables améliore la qualité de vie des Hommes, Petit Forestier Group aide chaque métier à garantir la maîtrise de sa chaîne frigorifique.

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