Partners for innovation in cold chain logistics

We work with automotive and software partners to provide a more efficient, connected and sustainable offering.

Iveco eDaily

Petit Forestier Group has teamed up with Iveco to offer the eDaily, an electric version of its flagship vehicle, the Daily. This solution combines a similar payload to the combustion version, while helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint to comply with Low Emission Zones.


Petit Forestier Group's revolution: the K-ryole, a power-assisted refrigerated trailer. Thanks to two years of research and development in partnership with K-ryole, this innovation offers an effective, economical, environmentally friendly and simplified solution for rapidly delivering chilled products anywhere, while respecting the cold chain, particularly via cycle paths.


IOT : Samsara

In partnership with the Samsara platform, Petit Forestier Group offers its customers simple access to loT data analysis from their warehouses, trucks, fleets and heavy equipment, enabling real-time tracking of vehicles and drivers, as well as business management, compliance, safety and energy efficiency.

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Nos marques et innovations dans la logistique du froid

Nos innovations

L’innovation est un moteur de notre développement. Avec Cool Lab nous concevons des produits et services plus performants et respectueux de l’environnement.

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Nos marques

Parce que la préservation par le froid des produits altérables améliore la qualité de vie des Hommes, Petit Forestier Group aide chaque métier à garantir la maîtrise de sa chaîne frigorifique.

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