Our technical roles

refrigeration engineer, mechanic and bodybuilder
Our technical roles guarantee the expertise of our Group, its reputation in onboard refrigeration and the satisfaction of our customers.

Become a refrigeration engineer, mechanic or bodybuilder!

Refrigeration engineer

The static and onboard refrigeration engineer installs, adjusts and troubleshoots our products, and is in direct contact with our customers (full service). They are the backbone of our cold chain expertise. We train refrigeration engineers at our training centre to help develop careers and to support the energy transition and electrification of fleets. 


The mechanic and automotive electrician are responsible for fitting out and customising our refrigerated and dry goods vehicles, display units and containers. These manual and technical roles must adapt to new environmental constraints and the development of electric mobility, in constant contact with our customers.


The bodybuilder is responsible for repairing our products and applying advertising wraps. This dual dimension combines expertise in sheet metal working and customised branding. The business is changing on a daily basis with the use of more sustainable materials and customer relations.

What experience do our refrigeration engineers, mechanics and bodybuilders gain?

The cold chain

Ensuring an effective cold chain is a matter of responsibility. It contributes to a better quality of life by transporting sensitive goods.

Diverse assignments

Our customers' wide range of needs is a source of diversity. Each mission is different and provides its own experiences.

The energy transition

The energy transition is an opportunity for change. It is creating new processes and professions to meet the needs of going electric.

Daily life on site

Our sites combine a fully-equipped workshop and a branch. Each department works with the others as a team.

The other sales and administrative roles